Bonymaen Funeral Directors revive family name

sims-and-jones-bonymaenThe family name Sims has been in existence in Bonymaen and Morriston, Swansea for a very long time. The Bakers and Confectioners business began in 1862 by Evan George Sims, supplying the Bonymaen area with freshly baked bread and other household goods. Following the death of Evan the business was continued by Evan’s Son David, and subsequently by Eirlys, David’s wife and ably assisted by her sister in law Sal Jenkins. After many fruitful years, the rise of the supermarkets were to change the business. However the general stores was still in existence until recently. In 2011 Sal passed away at the age of 91 and Eirlys decided that it was the right time to close the general stores. This ending an era. The location of the shop had been untouched and was like going back in time, until recently. Gareth Sims, who is the grandson of Evan George Sims worked as a funeral director for many years in Swansea, in particular the Brynhyfryd area, and when Gareth’s son, Matthew, became of age, he also followed in his fathers footsteps and began employment in the funeral profession, as is Gareth’s other son Lee.

bonymaen-funeral-homeOver the years Gareth has gained much experience in the Funeral Profession and has aided Matthew in his career, with help and advice. As a result Matthew is now established as a funeral director himself and a director of the company. It seemed a natural continuation, with the shop in Jersey Road vacant, offering an ideal location, that a family funeral directors be established, thus continuing the Sims name in the locality, hopefully for many years to come. Gareth and Matthew are fluent welsh speakers and the continuity of service will continue from first point of contact to the funeral itself and after. A family business cares for its clients like no other, because it matters to us that our good name continues and we are extremely proud that we can now service our own community with the very last means of respect, compassion and dignity.

Sims and Jones was set up as a new generation funeral director offering the family the widest possible range of choices now available with the changing face of modern funerals. This of course based on the very best traditional service, possible because of our forty years experience in the funeral profession. Because Sims and Jones is a new name does not mean that we are new to the very sensitive needs of the of the family or the funeral profession as a whole.

The clients of Sims and Jones can rest assured that your loved one will be treated in the most dignified and respectful way. Transparency, Compassion and Care, and attention to detail is paramount. We also believe that a Funeral Directors should from a part of the community. With this in mind we have chosen to support a new charity / organisation in the area. This is the East Side Food Bank. This will help the community fight against poverty and hardship. Here we are pictured making a contribution to the charity. The Food Bank will be present at the open day and will gratefully receive any food donations. Since establishing the business Sims and Jones Funeral Directors have focused on producing an informative website, with links to many social media platforms, making information available to all and at the clients convenience. We have obtained membership to SAIF, so that our clients know they are going to be looked after and cared for by professionals. We also provide Golden Charter Funeral Plans. Our newly renovated office and arrangement room is now totally functional and all the facilities at our head office have recently undergoing renovation. We are looking forward to what the future has in store for us as a family business and are very happy that the name lives on in the community of Bonymaen, Swansea.

We look forward to welcoming you to our open day where free refreshments, discount vouchers for all visitors and a warm welcome awaits you.

For any enquiries or advice please call 01792 700501

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