Creating a Lasting Memory

Following the loss of a loved one, there are many options available to a family to help create a lasting memory of a treasured loved one. There are traditional options and many new ideas. This includes creating items that can hold a physical memory for eternity.

Following a funeral, there are options to create a memorial, as in a headstone. This provides a place that family, or friends can visit. This option can be restrictive depending on the local authority or church, that controls the cemetery. A memorial can be arranged following a burial or after a cremation where the cremated remains, or ashes, are buried.

In the modern society that we live, funeral options are modernising also. This means that there are many new options available during the whole process, but with regard to creating a lasting physical memory, there are several options also. Here are a few options available.

A Fingerprint

fingerprintPrior to the funeral, Sims and Jones Funeral Directors, Swansea can take a fingerprint from your loved one with a few simple steps. This can be kept for a period of time until the family are ready to use the print. This then can be transferred into an item of jewellery to the families own choice. This will create a lifelong physical memory. There are many choices available from a necklace, cuff links, to a key ring.



A Painting

paintingIt is possibile for us at Sims and Jones Funeral Directors, Bonymaen, Swansea, to arrange an artist to paint a picture of your choice. This can be discussed with the artist, and can use your loved ones cremated remains as a texture. For instance, if you would like a seascape then the yellow color for the sand can be mixed with the remains and this will form a textured painting, which is another way of creating a lasting memory, and something you see and think of daily. This is arranged through

There are many ways to remember a loved one and Sims and Jones Funeral Directors, Swansea are happy to discuss any options with you further to ensure you are making the correct decision.

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