Financial Assistance

Your funeral costs and expenses paid for you

At Sims and Jones Funeral Directors Swansea, we understand that the duty of care we provide, to the families who trust us with the arrangements of their loved ones funeral, does not end after the service. A funeral brings to a family emotions that include grief, a sense of loss, bereavement and distress. These raw emotions can be exacerbated by financial concerns, dealing with the will, probate, the administration of the funeral and the other legal concerns and necessary worries associated with a death in the family. Perhaps the most complicated administrative issue is the granting of Probate.

Probate is the legal process whereby a will is proved, in a court, and is accepted as a public document that is the true last testament of the deceased. The granting of Probate is the first step in the in the legal process of administering the estate of the deceased.

white-lilies-320Sims and Jones Funeral Directors have researched ways to help with the complexities of the process of obtaining Probate and the administration of an estate. This, of course, can be completed by a member of the family. However, to remove this legal burden and speed up the process we would recommend the help of a solicitor. We understand that the services of a solicitor are costly and would vary from company to company. Following our research, we are pleased to have found a solution for you. To enhance the compassion and care we have for our clients, we are able to offer you, in addition to our funeral arranging expertise, the services of a local solicitor.

Craig Bond, of Curtis Legal, is widely experienced in arranging Probate and in the administering of an estate. He is, in our experience, compassionate and sensitive in his approach and his help and assistance does not end there. Craig is aware that families have enough to concern themselves without the worry of paying professional fees. Craig will discuss and fix these professional fees before commencing work, on your behalf. In addition, these fees will not need to be paid, to Curtis Legal, until Probate is granted. Craig will deduct the fees, on completion of Probate, and forward the balance, of the estate, to the family.

Another worry, for families at this very difficult time, is paying for the funeral expenses. Curtis Legal will pay, on your behalf, the funeral costs in full pending Probate. This removes another layer of financial worry for the family. Therefore, all remunerations, in connection with the funeral, Probate and the administration of the estate, will be drawn from the estate on completion of Probate.  This will remove all the financial burden from the family. The family are then able to concentrate on giving their loved one the send off they deserve.

We are able to provide this service to all families who need to complete the process of Probate. Craig will arrange to visit your home to discuss Probate and the administration of the estate.

Sims and Jones Funeral Directors are pleased to be associated with Curtis Legal and we are proud to provide such a service that will help and support families at this difficult time. With this service we aim to offer clarity and transparency and to remove much of the stress at a time when things can seem unclear.

Here are the benefits of this service;

  • Craig will discuss and fix his professional fees prior to any work being done on your behalf.
  • No initial payment will be required.
  • A full payment will be made, on your behalf, to the Funeral Director.
  • Professional fees and funeral costs will be deducted from the estate on completion of Probate.
  • The balance of the estate will be given to the family.

Any questions arising from this document will be answered by calling Sims and Jones, Swansea Funeral Directors on: 01792 700501