Five Things to Do Before you Die campaign

Sims and Jones Independent Funeral Directors in South Wales are very pleased to support the ‘Five things to do before you die’ campaign.

It is often a discussion that people avoid at all costs, but the importance of having this discussion is highlighted when families are planning a funeral of their loved one without any idea of what their wishes were.
“I often support families who are unsure what their loved ones would have wanted after their death and this puts even more stress on them during an already emotional time.”

If the discussion is still to uncomfortable for you to have with your loved ones, it is now an option to complete the information within the booklet and let your loved ones know where this is stored. Sims and Jones Independent Funeral Directors are also happy to record and keep a duplicate copy of these wishes, or should this information be something that you would prefer not to keep in your own home.

The booklet and advice comes from the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), which represents over 870 independent funeral directors across the UK including Sims and Jones of South Wales.

The booklet outlines five key areas for people to consider:

  1. Make a will to outline your inheritance wishes as well as details of your digital legacy. This includes social media passwords so relatives can keep online photos.
  2. Record your funeral wishes including whether you want to be cremated or buried, your preferred venue and the type of flowers, music and poetry at your funeral.
  3. Plan your future care and support such as details of where you would like to be cared for, who should look after your pets and other practical issues.
  4. Ensure loved ones know if you are a registered organ donor.
  5. Tell your loved ones your wishes and ensure they know where the booklet and other important documentation, such as bank statements, are kept.

There are so many things to consider when planning for the end of your life, from making a will and funeral arrangements though to your digital legacy and views on organ donation. This new free booklet aims to make that process a lot easier by clearly demonstrating to your loved ones your final wishes.

Terry Tennens, Chief Executive of SAIF, added: “SAIF independent funeral directors support families during the most difficult time of their life and provide a high quality and personal service to their local community. I am delighted that local members are going above and beyond by supporting our campaign to encourage people to start thinking about end of life planning. I hope this booklet we have produced will be of valuable help and a source of huge comfort to families.”

The ‘Five things to do before you die’ booklet is available from Sims and Jones Independent Funeral Directors, and all other SAIF members or it can be downloaded here.

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