Funeral Floral Tributes

Funeral floral tributes are a tradition dating back to time immemorial. They are often used to decorate the coffin and provide a sign of sympathy from a loved one. Their beauty is meant to be a comfort to those who are grieving, and also to serve as a reminder of the spirit of life. If you are concerned with choosing flowers for a funeral, then you may wish to read the suggestions below before making your choice.


floral-tribute-11. Consider the personality of the deceased, and of the family. Consider what might be well received. For example, you may have been close to the deceased. You may know the favorite flower, colour and can influence your choice. You may decide to send a bright arrangement. Bright flowers may be uplifting to see and such a sad occasion.

Respect the religious guidelines of the deceased and/or the bereaved. Call the funeral director and ask for suggestions, or if the family had requested family flowers only. For example, Muslims may be offended by a Christian Cross arrangements, and those of the Eastern Orthodox faith request white flowers for a funeral services.

2. There is funeral flower etiquette that dictates the type of arrangement that you should consider, based on your relationship to the deceased. Large spray arrangements that sit on top of the coffin should only be chosen by the family making the funeral arrangements.

floral-tribute-3If you are not an immediate family member, there are a number of different arrangement types to chose from. These include wreaths, sprays and religious crosses. It may be worth contacting the funeral director with any questions that you have.

If you know a family member that has lost a loved one but did not know the deceased, it may be best to send a floral bouquet to that family member.

For a child’s funeral, floral arrangements in the shape of children’s toys are common contributions.

floral-tribute-23. Seek advice from a local florist. Be prepared to provide the florist with information about the deceased, the bereaved and the service day, time and location. Additionally, have your message prepared for the floral card, which will be attached to the arrangement.

Local florists may know the deceased and/or bereaved personally, and could therefore offer advice regarding the best choice for funeral flowers. Additionally, local florists can tell you what local traditions and trends are regarding flowers for funerals, and may be more flexible than other florist options when it comes to delivery.

There are a number of online florists that allow you to view and choose from a variety of funeral floral arrangements from the comfort of your own home, but be careful in using these that they are delivered in time.

We advise that you are best to contact a florist local to the location of the funeral.

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