Memory Crystals

For those who are looking for a unique way to honor deceased loved ones, one option is to create a Memory Crystal. There are a number of choice to suit your needs. This can be a paperweight, ornament or even jewellery.

This is where the remains of your loved one are taken and physically placed into a moulding of the glass, creating a bespoke and poignant memory of your loved one, which again can be seen and incorporated into your daily life. This helps to keep the memory of your loved one for eternity.

Downoad pdf of the Memory Crystal Catalogue and Memory Crystal Price List which may help with making your choice.

Creating a memory crystal

memory-crystalThe cremated remains are placed on a thick metal table in a specific pattern, depending on the design that is chosen. A steel rod (blowing pipe) is inserted into the pot of molten glass, which sticks to the tip of the pipe. This small ball of molten glass is then rolled over the remains and colored glass, which stick to the ball of molten glass. The design is created at this point. Once we are satisfied with the design, it is dipped again in the bowl of glass to encase the cremated remains. The piece is given its final shape. This timeless piece is created, forming a memory of your loved one for years to came.

Every Memory Crystal is marked with a production code and then placed in a kiln oven to control the temperature, and slowly cool the item.

The next day, all crystals are completely cool to room temperature. At this point, the bottom of the piece must be grinded and polished to create a flat surface for the piece to stand on. The unique customer number is engraved onto the bottom of the piece for future reference. Custom text can be added by sandblasting onto the surface of the crystal or on the stand made of optical glass, stone or wood with LED illumination.

For more information, please contact Sims & Jones Funeral Directors Swansea, Memory Crystals UK distributor, on 01792 700501.

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