Monumental Masonry

Monumental Masonry – things to consider.

Following arranging the funeral and waiting for the funeral day, there are still many things for a family to consider and complete.  One thing for consideration is a memorial for your loved one.

The type of memorial that you chose really depends on the type of funeral that you decided on, or that your loved one decided prior to his/hers passing. Help in choosing what is right for you is available from any Monumental Mason but here are some points to consider and help you during your initial thoughts.


If your loved one was buried in a local cemetery or a municipal council cemetery, there will be rules and regulations that will apply to the masonry that you chose. This is why it is best to use a local Monumental Mason, as it is likely they have worked there previously and have the contacts required, including knowing the rules and guidelines of that cemetery. It is common now for a municipal council cemetery to be split into Traditional and Lawn sections.



A traditional grave means that you would be expected to choose a traditional full curb set memorial and headstone, in-keeping with that section of the cemetery. These full curb sets can look very impressive but need to be maintained and can be expensive.

Ordering a full curb memorial is likely to take 20 – 26 weeks to complete.



A new lawn grave means that the grave would have a total lawn top with only a headstone as the memorial. This means that the council would maintain the lawned area of the grave by cutting the lawn and you would maintain the headstone.

The order time for a headstone is much quicker than a full curb memorial.



If your loved one was cremated, then this really depends on what you decide to do with the Cremated Remains. If you decide on a New Cremated Remains Chamber then it is possible to have a cremated remains tablet as the memorial. The choices available for you here are vast. If you have decided to scatter the remains in the crematorium then it may be possible to arrange a curb memorial. These are normally path edging stones with your loved ones name and dates.

When you have chosen the type of memorial that is best suited to your requirements then it is best to contact a Monumental Mason to discuss your requirements. There are an array of choices and colours for the memorial and an array of choices on the inscription.

The images here are from a local Monumental Mason – Nurse and Payne, Fforestfach, Swansea. If you are looking for help and advice, please contact Jayne on 01792 588654.

Further information on Burials and Cremations in Swansea can be found here.

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