SAIFCARE Bereavement Counselling – a new service from Sims and Jones

Sims and Jones Independent Funeral Directors is delighted to offer an additional service to its clients. A service that is very important in our profession. The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) are delighted to launch its very first bereavement counselling service, SAIFCARE. As proud members of SAIF, and participants of the SAIFCARE scheme, this enables us to provide this service to our clients. This provides an additional service to families in Swansea and South Wales, who are having to deal with a bereavement.

Why we offer such service

As well as arranging the funeral, we are a team of professionals who are here to assist people going through grief. For instance, it might take some time for us to talk about the death of a friend or loved one, however getting support from SASIFCARE to assist the healing process will improve the situation.

SAIFCARE is here to assist those affected. As for children, we can work with their families to assist them to assist their child from the grieving process. Our bereavement counselling is a specialised kind of counselling that involves supporting people who have recently lost a family member. This counselling assists them to work through their grief and also assist them in learning a coping mechanisms to assist them when they are alone, or struggling. Our bereavement counselling service is highly recommended for those whose loss appears to be too much to handle or perhaps whose life is being negatively affected by their grief.

So if you are in need of a bereavement counselling service in Swansea or a bereavement counselling service in South Wales, Sims and Jones, through SAIFCARE is here to support you, and your family.

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